Social affairs Korean court orders rapper Dok2 to pay Los Angeles jewelry dealer

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Korean court orders rapper Dok2 to pay Los Angeles jewelry dealer
Rapper Dok2 [YONHAP]
Rapper Dok2 [YONHAP]
The Korean court on Monday ruled that rapper Dok2 will have to pay a Los Angeles jewelry dealership $35,000.
Dok2, whose real name is Lee Joon-kyung, was sued by the dealership in September 2020 for purchasing $206,000 worth of rings and necklaces — seven pieces of gold jewelry — in 2018 but not paying $34,740 of the total. The court ruled in favor of the dealership late last year, but Dok2 appealed.
According to legal officials on Monday, the Seoul Southern District Court once again ruled in favor of the jewelry dealership. The compulsory mediation was ruled sometime last month.
The ruling was finalized on Friday as both the plaintiff and Dok2 were served official copies of the written verdict and did not file an objection within two weeks.
A compulsory mediation is made when the court steps in to resolve a situation in which two parties fail to reach an agreement during the procedures of conciliation.
The court accepted most of the dealership’s claims and ordered Dok2 to pay back $34,740 in damages for delay by Jan. 6, 2023, within three payments. Any further delays will result in additional reparations.
The Los Angeles jewelry dealership initially sued Dok2’s former agency 1llionaire Records, of which Dok2 was the head and co-founder, in October 2019. After the court ruled that Dok2’s agency was not responsible for Dok2’s debt, the dealership sued Dok2 himself in September 2020.
Dok2 stepped down as the head of 1llionaire Records in November 2019 and left the agency in February 2020. 1llionaire Records, once a leading hip-hop label in Korea, shut down that July.
“We have not yet discussed specifics [with Dok2] on how he will make the remaining payment for the jewelry, but he will have to abide by the deadline as is it written in the ruling,” said the legal counsel for the jewelry dealership.

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